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ORMETSAN METAL SAN.and İNŞ.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. was established in 1987 for trading copper scrap, yellow, zinc, bronze, lead, tin, nickel and aluminum, today it contains all kinds of metals such as cable scrap,chrome scrap and iron. Now it is one of biggest metal exchange companies in Turkey with its 37.500 tons annual sales capacity. Thus, it has trade activities with  important manufacturers of yellow rod, strips of tape, copper plate, kathode, copper rod.

Our company has adopted a honest, reliable, and hard working operating system with our knowledge and experience in the industry becoming one of the fastest growing companies.

Our company is growing by investing to landed estate in different areas and its budget is growing day by day.
It preserves short self- completion of work in all areas with its experts who are working in metal mining industry for many years. Product and service quality which are preserved to customers is on its highest level.

​Easy payment is provided for buying and selling scrap and according to customers requests futures trading and cash payment options can be preserved. The satisfaction of our customers, who have been working with us, is key.
Medal of Praise
Medal of Praise
The founder of our company Ömer KÖSE has completed a school project in Nevşehir, Acigöl. As a result of this he received a certificate of superior service from the former president , Mr. Kenan Evren.


Address: Ferhatpaşa Cad. Muhsin Sarıcı San. Sit. 5/23 Topçular - Eyüp / İst.

Telehone: +90 0212 501 60 64 pbx

E-mail: info@ormetsan.com

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